The Vanishing Wheelchair is a non-profit that breaks down barriers between people who do and don’t have disabilities. For example, we teach people with disabilities how to do magic tricks and then give them opportunities to perform. When they do, those watching don’t see someone disabled – with a wheelchair, hearing aid, or other assistive technology – but instead perceive a talented and accomplished individual. The wheelchairs, hearing aids and all the rest have vanished.

The Vanishing Wheelchair, Inc. was founded by Thomas J. Shimeld and Ricky D. Boone and incoporated in the state of North Carolina on November 24, 2010 as a charitable non-profit corporation.

Inspired by the mystifying misdirection of Ricky D. Boone who uses magic and comedy to make his disability a great ability, The Vanishing Wheelchair, Inc. was founded to teach the art of misdirection to encourage the world to focus on another’s ability rather than one’s disability; to guide youth in the discovery of their own talents; and to give youth a path to reach their full potential. Its purpose is also to provide entertainment, education, and inspiration to children of all ages in the hope that each will attain his or her God-given potential. And to print and publish inspirational books and literature.

T.J. Shimeld and Ricky D. Boone founded the organization to help people with special needs and to promote the arts. Ricky’s life has purpose: he loves to make people laugh. T.J. and Ricky would love to give others a chance to find what they love.

T.J. and Ricky’s dream is to have a place where they can let special needs people come and be a part of a business, be a part of a magic show. Perhaps they could sing, dance, tell jokes, paint, take photographs, or sell tickets whatever they could do and wish to do.