Monthly Magic Show

Our Monthly Magic show consists of a variety of performances each month. Click the link for ticket and other information: Show Tickets – Monthly Shows

Upcoming Dates: Currently not doing shows as show location has be closed.
April 8
May 13
June 10

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
337 Charlotte Street
Asheville, NC 28801
$20 General admission

All proceeds benefit The Vanishing Wheelchair nonprofit.

Bryan Hilemon discovered a love of magic as early as six years old. Mostly due to the influence of David Copperfield and Lance Burton. As a teenager, he started performing as often as possible and met the man he would largely consider a mentor in his life, Ricky D. Boone.
Bryan started working with the WNC Magic Club in his early twenties to hone his craft as well as traveling on occasion with Ricky to a variety of events, from nursing homes to conventions.
Having a love of pen-and-paper role-playing games, Bryan visited many conventions, one of which he would get an offer to play a mascot-type character known as Charlie Chalkdust. This character appeared in art for a game called “Deliria: Fairy Tales for a New Millennium.” This afforded Bryan the ability to perform at a variety of venues.
After this, Bryan created several different styles of shows. One of the primary shows combined balloons and kids magic. Bryan created a show based around gambling ideas as well as a show about seances and the history of spiritual phenomena. It is from this last style that the character Anafiel was born.
Bryan was able to start working with his characters through The Vanishing Wheelchair’s Magic, Mirth & Meaning shows. These shows would give Bryan a much greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. He hopes to help The Vanishing Wheelchair grow while growing in his own business alongside it.