The Vanishing Wheelchair, Inc. offers a number of workshops which are universally accessible, yet geared toward helping people with disabilities find a life-long passion through learning about the arts and learning skills that have real world application as a hobby or potential career path. With the All Things Possible Workshops, The Vanishing Wheelchair hopes to give a sampling of possibilities that an individual can try.

Once several people develop an interest in a particular art form, The Vanishing Wheelchair can offer specialized clubs in that field for more in-depth study.

The Magic, Mirth & Meaning shows, which happen twice a month, act as a showcase for people to further practice and hone their talents in front of a live audience. Click the date/workshop for more information or contact us via phone.

We are currently working on revamping our workshop schedule as the pandemic has changed quite a bit. Please keep checking back.

Workshops and Classes:

Meaningful Movements: TJ Shimeld leads this workshop for a private group on Fridays at 1:30 p.m.  at the Vanishing Wheelchair Theatre, workshop opens to the public at 4:00 pm $10 drop-in or $30.00 for 4 workshops.

“Meaningful Movements”

While working on his bachelor’s degree from Tufts University in Clinical Psychology and a certificate in Community Health, T.J. Shimeld did an extensive internship at Harvard University‘s Health Services.

It is here where he observed, participated, learned and taught the techniques of eliciting the Relaxation Response, discovered by Dr. Herbert Benson. His research showed that a person can not be in fight-or-flight response and relaxed at the same time. Dr. Benson founded the Mind/Body Medical Institute to further scientifically study the relaxation response.

Harvard University connected with the institute to offer its students and staff classes based on breathing techniques and various movements, done with mindful attention, to help its members reduce stress in their everyday life.

T.J. Shimeld shares these techniques through various hands-on workshops through The Vanishing Wheelchair, Inc.

The goal is to learn these physical and mental strategies through practice and repetition, so they can more quickly and easily be applied in the learners’ lives in stressful situations to increase the Relaxation Response and eliminate the Fight-or-Flight Response.

Sleight of Hand Basics: 1 hour class scheduled by participants before hand.
Wednesdays – 3:30 – 4:30 – At the Vanishing Wheelchair little theatre!
Email TJ or Bryan below to sign up!

Each class will feature pieces of sleight of hand that the class taker will be expected to practice. Practice makes perfect! With time and effort your sleight of hand can be top notch as well. Depending on class size classes may be tailored to individual class takers learning desires.

Bryan Hilemon has been practicing sleight of hand for 30 of his last 42 years of life. He is proficient with many of the most common and top tier pieces of sleight of hand. Cards, Coins, Sponge Balls, Cups and Balls, and much more! Come learn magic with Bryan!

Magic Summer Camp:  August 1-5 – Call for availability
Camp will consist of 5 x 2 hour sessions for five days straight.
Cost – $70 per child + $14 supply fee.
Morning session – 10-12
Afternoon session – 2-4

*NOTE*  If price is a burden, contact The Vanishing Wheelchair. For further information for group costs in our facility or yours contact T.J. Shimeld at TJ Shimeld.



Magic Workshop: Sleight of Hand Basics on Wednesday, further classes based on interest.

Photography Basics: TBA